Sometimes when my candle has solidified a hole appears around the wick. Why?

This is a phenomenon that can occasionally happen during pouring. Normally when you buy your

candle in the store, these candles have gone to waste before reaching the store. Therefore you have

never seen it.

This can occur if the jar was too cold or the wax too hot. One way to solve this is to always save a little

of the melted wax and pour the last 1cm after the wax has solidified or let the bag rest a few minutes

before pouring the melted wax.


What is the best way to trim the wick

Our best tip for how to trim the wick is to use a nail cutter. That way you avoid putting the scissors

onto the candle surface. The wick should be trimmed to 3-5mm.


How do I make sure to get my candle to burn many hours ?

Make sure your candle is even burning. f the candle doesn´t burn as even as you'd like, it can be

because your jar is too wide, or hasn´t burned long enough the first time lit. Every candle has “a

memory”. Therefore the first time you burn your candle, the “memory ring” created will most likely stay.

Therefore make sure the candle burns long enough, so that the pool reaches the edges of the jar.


I get soot on my holder when I burn the candle. What can I do?

The most common reason if you get soot is because the wick is not trimmed enough. So, trim your

wick short and just take a paper towel and remove the soot until next use. If the candle burns very

intense and therefore leave soot, check that your jar is around 8cm in diameter wide.


I want the surface to be really smooth without ”bumbs”. How do I create that?

The quality of the wax makes sure it is a great one pour wax blend, meaning that you can pour all

at once. But in case you want the ultimate smooth surface, save a little of the melted wax in the bag

and pour the last 1cm after the wax has solidified.


Can I pour the wax into the drain.

No. It is important to avoid pouring the water with the wax remaining’s (or pure wax) down the drain.

Instead use an empty milk package or something similar, to gather the waste properly.


How do I clean the jar I want to use?

Clean your holder by simply pouring boiling water into it, and let it cool completely before emptying it.

The wax will loosen from the edges. Empty it and finally dry it with a towel or paper to make it shine new!


Do I have to use all the wax at once?

No, the zipper allows you to close the bag and save for a second refill. The wax in the bag

can be reheated. Just make sure to adjust the melting time depending on how much is left in

the bag.


Can I really put the whole refill bag into the microwave?

Yes. Just do not forget to take out the wicks before putting the bag into the microwave.


How do I create my personal scented candle in the best way?

Read the instructions inside the bag and on the back of the bag before starting. They are

detailed enough to guide you through your first time.