Refill & Reuse Your Scented Candles

Our Refill Collection for Scented Candles brings new life to candle holders. Reflecting a contemporary Scandinavian aromatic palette, the exclusive fragrances are packaged in a stylish, reusable, microwaveable bag with everything you need, ready to use!

Refill your candles

When your candle has burned down, enjoy it again and again by simply refilling it with our sophisticated fragrances. With Candelize you can have the fragrance you want in the holder you like.

Unique Pieces & Vintage

Our unique candle collections offer one of a kind candles made out of holders that we found and fell in love with. We customize them with your choice of fragrance. They can be refilled with all our refills once burned down.


Säker stil

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with SÄKER STIL that has added a luxurious scent to our home. Our new scented candle, Walk-in-Closet, boasts a unique combination of notes such as labdanum, cedarwood and incense, creating a vibrant and stylish atmosphere. When this beautiful candle has burned down, you can simply refill it again and again. The ever lasting scented candle.



A base of sandalwood and musk, mixed with a heart of jasmine and rose, topped with lavender, citrus and bergamot create a very unique, relaxing, and calming fragrance. Close your eyes and your mind takes you to a yoga studio or other special places for contemplation.

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Warm powdery scent where ambery ingredients mingle with spices of ginger, clove, and cinnamon topped with bitter orange peel.

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Intense, smoky combination of cedarwood, guajac, blackwood, ebony and spicy clove leaf,
topped with sultry elements of rose and Jasmine.


Quick and easy

Creating a personalized scented candle takes less than three minutes, faster than fixing microwave popcorn! Melt the wax in the bag, insert the accompanying wick and pour the wax into the holder of your choice. Then wait a few hours for the wax to solidify. Voilà!


We love collaborations and believe magic is created together with others. We are honored to present a few of our collaborations with prestigious Swedish brands. If you have any ideas to share, let us know. Maybe together we can be the next great collaborators.


Candles are an intrinsic feature of Scandinavian daily life. It is our ambition to offer everyone the opportunity to tailor-make their perfect candle, selecting the fragrance and holder that best suits personal style and home. All while providing a more sustainable option. 

Quick & easy

What may seem like a time-consuming, tedious task is swift and simple with Candelize. Creating a personalized scented candle takes less than three minutes, faster than fixing microwave popcorn! Melt the wax in the bag, insert the accompanying wick and pour the wax into the holder of your choice. Voilà!

1 . Melt the wax

2. Place the wick

3. Pour the melted wax

Our wax

The wax we use  is made from pure 100% soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils. Its manufactured from renewable sources and are sustainable and biodegradable. It has a very low melting point and holds a high volume of fragrance.


We have created a beautiful range of sophisticated fragrances, in collaboration with leading Swiss and French perfume houses. All fragrances represent the different tastes of contemporary Scandinavian living.

Handcrafted in SWEDEN

All our products are handcrafted from carefully selected ingredients — the production is done with lots of love in our small factory in Lidingö, Sweden. 

Skogsberg & Smart

CANDELIZE, through its past collaboration with Skogsberg & Smart, proudly introduced the world's first exclusive scented candle refill alongside the innovative Hurricane Soda candle, highlighting our dedication to fragrance innovation.


Maria Nilsdotter

We are proud to have been invited into the beautiful and magical world of Maria Nilsdotter. Together we created a matching candle

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This scented candle collection was developed for Skultuna, with the candle holders created using the ancient technique of metal spinning from brass plates, showcasing Skultuna's long-standing craftsmanship.