Refill & reuse your scented candles

Candelize is a refill collection for scented candles that brings new life to candle holders. Exclusive fragrances in a stylish bag! When your candle has burned down, enjoy it again and again by simply refilling it with our sophisticated fragrances. With Candelize you can have the fragrance you want in the holder you like.

A wicked combination of bergamot, lemon, jasmine, smoked tea, cedar wood, gaiac wood, oak moss, smoked accord, birch tree, leather, amber and vanilla.


A masculine sensual musk with a
tantalizing hint of blackcurrant.


Rich freshness in bitter orange peel mingles with
waxed wood and oakmos.


Fresh citrus, mint and pepper top notes combine perfectly with rich, woody vetiver and a moss and cedar base.

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A blend of marine freshness, aquatic accords mingles with patchouli and hints of cedarwood


Our wax

The wax we use  is made from pure 100% soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils. Its manufactured from renewable sources and are sustainable and biodegradable. It has a very low melting point and holds a high volume of fragrance.


We have created a beautiful range of sophisticated fragrances, in collaboration with leading Swiss and French perfume houses. All fragrances represent the different tastes of contemporary Scandinavian living.

Handcrafted in SWEDEN

All our products are handcrafted from carefully selected ingredients — the production is done with lots of love in our small factory in Lidingö, Sweden. 

Quick and easy

Creating a personalized scented candle takes less than three minutes, faster than fixing microwave popcorn! Melt the wax in the bag, insert the accompanying wick and pour the wax into the holder of your choice. Voilà!


We love collaborations and believe magic is created together with others. We are honored to present some of our collaborations with prestigious Swedish brands as well as being part of creating new ones.

If you have a good idea or need a place to produce your own products, let us know.


Candles are an intrinsic feature of Scandinavian daily life. It is our ambition to offer the individual household the opportunity to tailor-make the perfect candle, selecting the fragrance and holder that best suits individual style and personality. Not to mention providing a sustainable option, one with respect for our natural environment.

Skogsberg & Smart

CANDELIZE offers the world's first exclusive scented refill in design collaboration with Skogsberg & Smart; together we launch a new Hurricane Soda and a new scent.



The scented candle series is developed for Skultuna, the candleholders are made by metal spinning of brass plate, an ancient production technique of Skultuna.