Our Story

Candelize was founded in 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden. The idea, to offer people a more sustainable option to ordinary scented candles, was originally born by Charlotte´s husband Tony. After a rough count of 28 empty candle holders in their home. He proposed to refill and reuse them, rather than constantly purchasing new ones. In the search for a refill solution, they invented one.

We devoted the first nine months to learning just what goes into making the ultimate scented candle, how the various components must be combined to result in the perfect burn and what the most important characteristics of a perfect scented candle is.

When it was time to launch we had developed the World´s First Refill Collection for Scented Candles.
Fragranced wax delivered in a stylish bag.

Now people can reuse what they already have and cherish while at the same time, get a more tailor-made scented candle. One where you are free to choose both a fragrance you like in a holder you love.


Charlotte Lusiak