LILY ROSE Candle & Refill
LILY ROSE Candle & Refill

LILY ROSE Candle & Refill

Elegant floral rose infused with amber, cedarwood and fruity lemon and blackcurrant notes.

An Lily Rose scented candle and a Lily Rose scented candle refill,

The wax consists of an entirely natural eco soy wax with an extra-low melting point. The scent mixture binds extra fragrance. The fine wick is perfectly adapted to every scent and ensures that the light is burned, so you can experience maximum luxury and enjoyment.

Our candle wax is made from an all-natural wax blend with a low melting point, which can hold a particularly high volume of fragrance. The fine cotton wick, sized to match each fragrance, ensures clean burning for maximum pleasure and indulgence.

Enjoy up to 70 hours burn time 300 gram / 10.5 oz

619 kr

678 kr